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Polling Place, Petitioning, and Political Campaign Policy

As an important public institution in our democratic society the Nashville Public Library is pleased to host election polling for Nashville and Davidson County at designated library locations. The library is committed to ensuring our community’s access to library services and the safety of library users in our buildings and on library premises during polling. Expressive activity at polling locations does not supersede the public’s right of unfettered access to public library services.

When the library is selected as an early, regular, runoff or fail safe voting site, the following policy will apply to all library locations and voting sites.

  1. Organizations or individuals may not set up a booth, information table or collection/donation station, staffed or unstaffed, in a library facility or on library property. This includes, but is not limited to, voter registration booths, promotional or public service activities by organizations, food tables, services or stands. Groups or individuals may not distribute literature or other material except in accordance with this policy. Tents will not be allowed on library property. On days when voting is conducted, library branches that are used as early, regular, runoff or fail safe voting sites will provide one 10’ x 20’ library tent that all members of the public, including campaign volunteers, may use and share. No other tents, large umbrellas, etc. are allowed.
  2. Signage may only be displayed in designated areas on library property no earlier than sixty (60) days prior to an election. The designated areas will be determined and communicated by library managers subject to available space.
  3. Commercial signage is prohibited. Any commercial signs displayed in the designated area shall be removed and discarded.
  4. So that ALL who visit the library can use and enjoy library facilities, no use of amplifying devices are allowed. This includes but is not limited to bullhorns, speakers, microphones and loud music.
  5. All signage must meet the following conditions:
    1. The number of signs allowed at any library location is limited to 4 signs per organization. If more than 4 signs are placed, any number above the 4 will be removed.
    2. Signs may not exceed 18” x 24” (typical yard sign) in dimension. The dimension applies to both length and width (neither dimension may exceed 24”).
    3. Signs may not be hung on library property (examples are but not limited to hanging signs from fencing, trees, other signs, etc.)
    4. Signs may not be stacked upon one another. E.) Signs not in compliance with this policy will be subject to immediate removal and will be discarded without notice.
    5. Signs remaining after the election will be removed and held for pick up the day after the election. All signs must be claimed and removed within 5 days after the official voting day(s) or they will be discarded.
  6. No signs are permitted at any time on library properties not designated as a regular, runoff or fail safe voting site.
  7. Petitions of any kind are not permitted in library facilities. Library managers may designate areas outside of library facility entrances for public petitioners that do not impede access to the library or establish a harassing environment for library users.
  8. Poll watchers and Davidson County Election Commission staff, not library staff, will apply and enforce rules consistent with the State of Tennessee and Davidson County Election Commission including the 100-foot campaign free zone surrounding polling sites.
  9. For filming in library facilities or on library properties, please refer to the Filming and Photography Policy. Media requests should be referred to the library Marketing and Communications team.

December 10, 2019