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I Take You!

June 12, 2015

Hi there! Are you a fan of offbeat romantic comedies looking for fun vacation reads? Even better, titles to read as part of your NPL Summer Challenge participation? If so, add  I Take You to your  holds list.


Lily Wilder (that’s her on the book cover), is a successful young litigator living in New York. She is soon to marry her adorable archeologist boyfriend Will. The trouble is, Lily isn’t sure if she’s the marrying type.  You see, Lily is physically attracted to all sorts of men – her boss, random strangers she meets at the pub, even Will’s work colleague…Even though Lily believes she loves Will, she just can’t stay faithful to him.

Lily grew up in Key West, Florida, a child of divorce, raised by her mom and grandmother, with input from her father’s multiple ex-wives.   Yes, this is a very unconventional contemporary romantic story, complete with strong women, eccentric islanders and indulgent vacationers, wild chickens, a bit of booze and drug use, all within sight of the Hemingway Home.

Author Eliza Kennedy is a Harvard Law School graduate and former litigator herself, who happens to be married to writer Joshua Ferris.  I can’t wait for her next book! I sure hope she’s sitting at her writing desk right now…



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