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Artober Books for Kids

October 19, 2015

Check out these art-inspired books to help celebrate this month of the arts!

Perhaps you’ve noticed the library has been a little more artsy lately. That’s because it’s Artober! Perhaps you haven’t noticed. That’s okay, too – there’s still plenty of time to get in on the library’s contribution to this annual city-wide celebration of the arts. In addition to special programs, take home a book that helps pique your child’s interest in art or artists.

This illustrated story of Vasya Kandinsky’s abstract art is fascinating. The author explains the artist’s experience with Synesthesia – a neurological condition that caused him to actually hear the colors on the page.

Horace Pippin knew he was an artist from a very early age, but he had to overcome many odds – including  a war injury – to be recognized for his first love: art. This is an inspirational (and colorful!) book about defeating adversity and following your dreams.

There is nothing new about Origami – the ancient art of paper folding, but don’t tell kids that. This art form is experiencing a resurgence, bolstered by how-tos like this book. (Click the title to see more cool Origami books!)

The early years of artist Henri Matisse are captured in this illustrated book depicting the life of a young artist in a small French town.

Get inspired! Here’s a list of all Artober events at the library!