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Women's History for Kids

March 14, 2017

Textbooks are filled with the accomplishments of men throughout history but where are all the women? 

As I started writing this post, I turned and grabbed a copy of the Tennessee History textbook (Civil War through Today) that many students in the area use. I flipped to the index and counted the number of women listed - 9. How many men were listed, you ask? 58! Many accomplishments made by women weren't recorded or recognized so their stories are lost forever but publishers have definitely clued in to the fact that we need more nonfiction about women of all ethnic backgrounds. Below you will find some of my favorite nonfiction books about women.


Great Books to Read-Aloud

Read-alouds for kids of all ages including some that are good for early readers to read on their own.

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Great Books for Independent Readers

Books for confident readers to read on their own.

Visit your local library and look for a Women's History book display or talk to your librarian. I know I love to recommend books about great women!