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Fall Cooking

November 2, 2017

Doesn’t the cooler weather make you want to get out the crockpot and start roasting vegetables?  Check out these three recent cookbooks for ideas.

Instead of prepping everything in the morning and letting it cook all day, try getting everything ready after dinner and cooking it overnight, waking up like magic to something you can take to work for lunch.  See especially the split pea soup and Tex Mex chicken and beans, which are almost unbelievably easy.

These salads are unlike any I’ve ever encountered.  Examples include a kale and grilled peach salad, a golden beet, feta, and farro dish, and a salad of kale, red grapes, and butternut squash.

This gorgeous cookbook includes my new favorite salad of all time: celery with provolone, olives, red onion, and pepperoncini peppers.  Who doesn’t need a recipe to use up extra celery?  I’m planning to make this for Thanksgiving this year to add a sharp vinegary note to all the comfort food.  This also has the best potato salad I’ve ever made: potato and roasted cauliflower salad with olives, feta, and arugula.  It’s a little involved but well worth the effort.

Grab a mug of apple cider and start cooking!

beth winter


Beth works in the Collection Development department.  She loves short stories, memoirs, documentary films, and cookbooks.  Her favorite things about working at the library are knowing in advance about all the new releases and the easy access to her library holds.

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