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Mystery in White

December 25, 2017

Agatha Christie may have secured eternal recognition for a classic murder mystery involving a train and copious amounts of snow, but she wasn't the only skilled mystery writer of yesteryear to use those elements in service to an enjoyably twisty adventure.

After leaving the comforts of a snowbound train and venturing out into the storm, a small cast of characters chances upon a country house, seemingly abandoned - and abandoned in a hurry. Unlocked, with a fire blazing, and with a boiling kettle ready for tea, the house radiates both coziness and mystery. As the passengers recuperate from their journey and slowly get to know one another, the evening becomes anything but settled.

Foul play is suspected, mysterious tracks appear in the snow, tempers flare dangerously, and the blizzard just won't quit. Events continue to unfold in unpredictable directions, hastening a Christmas Eve these folks won't soon forget. Memorable characters, a subtle sense of humor, and a lingering strange atmosphere are all combined in an outstanding yuletide tale that might just become your next seasonal favorite.

Poisoned Pen Press has done us all a service in reissuing this vintage classic for a new generation of mystery fans. Unjustly forgotten, J. Jefferson Farjeon was both prolific and respected in the four decades of output he achieved, and deserves a revitalization of interest in his work. Originally published in 1937, Mystery in White is a perfect companion for the holidays, even if your own Middle Tennessee neighborhood is less than a "winter wonderland".