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New Year's Resolutions

January 4, 2018

Was your New Year’s resolution to be kinder to people?  You should read this book.

Subtitled “Stories of Inequality in a Divided Nation,” Tales of Two Americas examines the wealth gap in America through personal essays and stories by some of today’s best writers.  Sandra Cisneros describes growing up poor in Chicago, Edwidge Danticat tells a story from the perspective of an immigrant home health aide, and Karen Russell investigates the homelessness crisis in Portland.  Julia Alvarez examines the impact of class when a flight is cancelled, Roxane Gay depicts a woman finally escaping her troubled past, and Sarah Smarsh talks about her brother donating plasma for money. Enough to Lose, by RS Deeran, describes a job mowing lawns at foreclosed homes, and Ann Patchett’s essay describes a day spent in Nashville with Charlie Strobel ministering to the homeless.  Other contributors include Chris Offutt, Timothy Egan, Joyce Carol Oates, and Richard Russo. 

You will finish this inspirational anthology with many ideas for how to spread kindness to those you encounter on a daily basis.