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The Great American Read

May 25, 2018

Is your favorite book on this list? Then it's time to get your vote on!

This summer PBS is trying to decide which novel is The Great American Read. They've chosen 100 books—novels only, no nonfiction (sorry)—and now it's our turn to pick our favorites. Visit The Great American Read home page to see how many of the 100 books you've read. I took the quiz and have only read 41. That seemed low to me, but apparently I have some work to do. I will admit that I'm not going to read The Stand by Stephen King or Moby Dick, but I'd like to check out some of the other titles. Maybe War and Peace or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I've got a few months to make a dent in the ones I haven't cracked open yet. 

America's Best-Loved Books

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The fun part is that this list is interactive. We get to vote for our favorite. And as Meredith Viera said on the documentary—which you can watch online—we can vote early and vote often. We get to vote for our favorite novel once a day. You can change it up and vote for a different one every day, or you can just vote for the same one over and over again. I've already voted for Gone with the Wind once (hello, it's had to know that was coming), but I also plan on voting for Anne of Green Gables, Ready Player One, and Harry Potter at least once. (Clarification: if there is a long series, like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia, the whole series counts as one book.) Then we'll have to tune in this fall to see who actually wins. 

Alright friends, it's time to vote for your old favorites and read some new winners. This is a great way to challenge your Summer Challenge.

Happy Great American Reading,

:) Amanda

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Amanda is a classically-trained pianist who loves to read. Like any good librarian, she also has two cats named after Italian cities. Amanda spends her free time sitting in Nashville traffic, baking, and running the Interlibrary Loan office at the Nashville Public Library.