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Time Machines

July 23, 2018

UK's most intrepid musical occultists present four extended tones intended for spiritual transportation.

Rumored to have been created solely on a Yamaha DX7, Coil's Time Machines is four glacially slow pulses named after four hallucinogenic chemicals. It's a deep dive. The way I feel about this album is how other people feel about Enya. Lots of people hate it, but if you let yourself sink in you will be transported. You listen to travel through time. If nothing else, go back in time and read more to get more Summer Reading Challenge points before Summer Reading Challenge ends. Please leave reports of your experiences in the comments. Like most things holy, Time Machines is emphemeral. It is one of the few Freegal titles you can "stream" and not download. Alternatively, you can go old school and download these four Tangerine Dream songs. In all seriousness, Time Machines is a very spiritual album that will calm and heal you. 



Bryan is a librarian at Nashville Public Library. Bryan enjoys board games, bikes, and free software. His only star is Trek.