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Digital Minimalism

February 17, 2019

Do you feel like a captive to your phone?  You may want to check out this book.

It's full of concrete, practical ways to take back control of your life.  To give you a sense of the book's approach, here are a few of my favorite pieces of advice:
  • Do a social media fast for 30 days, then see what, if anything, you want to add back into your life.  (So far, I am loving the freedom from compulsive Twitter checking.)
  • Solitude (without your phone!) is important to your mental health.  Practices: take long walks; keep a diary/write letters to yourself; leave your phone in your car when you’re out and about.
  • Only face-to-face and phone conversations “count” toward maintaining relationships.  Texts, email, and social media do not, so they should only be used for logistics, not keeping in touch.  To this end:
    • Don’t “like” or leave comments on social media.  
    • Keep your phone on Do Not Disturb and only look at texts a few times a day (you can adjust your settings so that texts from a few specific people still come through).
    • Create conversation “office hours”: let people know you’ll be at the same coffee shop or bar at the same time every week; use your daily commute to talk to people on the phone.
  • To fill the time that you used to waste on your phone, you’ll need to come up with meaningful new leisure activities.  These should be active and social if possible (exercise classes, volunteering, crafts, etc.).

Welcome to your new digital minimalist lifestyle!

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