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What's Done in the Dark Will Drown You in the Light

August 31, 2019

Jebediah Foster used to be a bad man, but then he feel in love with a lovely widow and decided to begin his life anew. He will soon learn that one can't simply forget the past and move on.

[[nid:5340]] Jebediah Foster and Esther Munroe are newlyweds who are ready to start their life anew with each other in a new town. Esther and Jebediah are expecting their first child together, and it just so happens that Esther’s deceased relative has left them a home in Silent Hill, West Virginia—far from their native Dakota territory. Esther and Jebediah are hoping to escape their pasts for peace and tranquility, and look towards a hopeful future. Unfortunately for them, Silent Hill has other plans.
Upon taking up residence in Silent Hill, they find an old Native American woman named Inola in their home. She appears to be badly injured with cuts all over her body.  As Inola exits, it becomes evident that she knows about Jebediah and his past. It also becomes clear as the story goes on that everyone in town appears to be aware of Jebediah’s history, and remind him of that in various ways. The cloud that surrounds Jebediah’s past actions start influencing his wife’s dreams. Esther cannot run from Jebediah’s truth while she’s asleep, no matter how hard she denies it while awake.
Jebediah soon learns that Silent Hill is filled with ghosts and echoes of the past. No matter how much he tries to shed his old life, it clings to him and everyone he loves.
A few things to remember about Silent Hill: 1) If the town wants you, you will end up there, no matter what; and 2) The town can present itself however it wants. The reason Jebdiah and Esther came is because the Esther’s relative passed and left her property. To the protagonist and his wife, the town is just like any other in the late 1800s. There are a few odd characters, but nothing too concerning. However, the reader soon realizes that everything in the town is related to Jebediah’s past, so coming to Silent Hill was not just happenstance. Whether Silent Hill is demanding atonement or vengeance is the question that no one really knows the answer. 

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