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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Picture Books

September 24, 2019

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite books for children.

Recently, there has been some lovely picture books released that I have enjoyed reading as they flitted across my desk before making it out to our display shelves. Their stories have moved me. Some to tears; some to laughter. But, they all made me feel.

Between Us and Abuela

The first thing I noticed about this book was its title. How intriguing! Next, I admired the illustrations. Then, I read the book…and I learned something. I, for one, was not familiar with Las Posadas sin Fronteras, also known as The Inn without Borders. And, without giving too much away in the story, it’s a time when people come together at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana and San Diego for a unique service during the Christmas season.[[nid:5690]]

My Papi Has a Motorcycle 

A brilliant story about family and community, My Papi Has a Motorcycle, is touted as being Quintero’s love letter to a city and her father. When I read this book, I believe that. And, we can learn a lot from that. Also, what a great way to introduce cultures and new languages/phrases to your child (or yourself)! I love a book that crosses generations. [This title is also available in Spanish.] [[nid:5691]]

Where Are You From? 

It seems like a small question, but it carries so much weight. More than some of us could possibly know or understand. This is a beautiful story about a little girl who tasks her abuelo (grandfather) with helping her understand her heritage and who she is as a person. [This title is also available in Spanish.] [[nid:5692]]


I would consider this poem a memoir. Morales tells the story of her immigration journey to the United States and her trial and tribulations as she settled in. She eventually finds solace within the library, and that was everything to me as I read it. I still get chills when I think about it. But this isn’t about me. It’s about hope. And, that’s important. [This title is also available in Spanish.] [[nid:5693]]

Holy Squawkamole! 

If you know the classic tale of “The Little Red Hen”, then you’re sure to love this retelling. The illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching; it includes fun, new vocabulary with a great catch phrase – Holy Squawkamole! Your little one will surely reading along once they catch on to the rhythm. Plus, be sure to read the whole book where you can learn about the history of guacamole and try out the recipe, too. [[nid:5694]]

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Cassie is a Children's Librarian at Edmondson Pike Branch Library. She can often be found reading books and singing songs, and not just at the library! Her favorite thing to do at the moment is cuddle her baby while they read phenomenal picture books and earn Read to Rise points.