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Summer AstroReads

July 15, 2020

Whether you read your horoscope every day or you’re a skeptic, I hope this selection of recent fiction based on the qualities associated with the 12 different astrological signs will introduce you to some new titles - all available for download!


Action-oriented Aries readers will enjoy this fast-paced historical novel about a former female slave who posed as a man, serving as a Buffalo Soldier in post-Civil War America.


Taurus readers may see something of themselves in Olive Kitteridge - truly a force to be reckoned with!


Gemini readers - brace yourselves for the breakneck pace, wit, and imagination in this suspenseful novel that will leave you wanting more.


Sentimental Cancer readers will be charmed by the story of 96-year-old Doris Alm as she looks back over her life.


Readers born under Leo will appreciate the high drama and laugh-out-loud moments in this light summer read.


This novel about perfectionist economics professor Chandra and his journey of self discovery might inspire sympathetic Virgo readers to consider doing the same.


Relationship-oriented Libra readers will resonate with this story of a terminal diagnosis prompting one woman to finally stand up for herself by writing cathartic letters to three significant people in her life.


Scorpios love to go deep and this novel takes them there as a suicide brings a group of friends together and long-held secrets are revealed. 


Freedom-seeking Sagittarius readers will enjoy the vicarious journey as they travel along the Camino de Santiago with strangers turned friends in search of inner peace.


Capricorn readers get a well-deserved break from making the world go round, as they follow ambitious Piper Calloway’s second chance at love.


The community of eccentric artists in this novel should feel like home for the non-conformist Aquarian reader.


Dreamy Pisces readers will delight in the magical realism of this take on the question “If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be?”

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