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Lil’ Readers Mark Their Return with Read to Rise

August 26, 2020

Books in Spanish and Dynamic Dinos Featured in August Update

This is the tenth part in a year-long series. Read the previous entry here.

We sure have missed our lil’ readers.

With the team at Nashville Public Library buckled down to prep the launch of Votes for Women on August 18 (which was awesome, by the way — check it out here), we decided to give our Read to Rise families a break last month.

It didn’t slow them down one bit. In fact, Poppy, Goldie, and Ray have been reading more than ever, and they had some fantastic things to share with us as we caught up with them for this month’s update.

Ray and Hal Reading on Sofa


Number of Reading Days Logged: 356

Last Book Read: Dinosaur Rap by John Foster

“Ray is almost two and a half, and he's starting to show some interest in dinosaurs!” said Yurina, Ray’s mother. “This is a fun book that combines dinosaur facts with rap lyrics, and it comes with a CD demonstrating how to sing it. There's even a YouTube video with animation from the picture book, for those who want to experience the book virtually.”

Favorite Thing from Reading this Month: “These days, all Ray does is point at things and ask, ‘What's that?’ This means we'll spend more time on each page than usual, so that he can point at all the little details,” Yurina said. “He's gaining a lot of nouns this way, and it's great to witness his curiosity come to life through reading.“

Poppy and Goldie with Custom Chairs

Poppy and Goldie

Number of Reading Days Logged: 240

Last Book Read: Mrs. McTats and her Houseful of Cats by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

“One of the cats is named Goldie,” said Virginia, Poppy and Goldie’s mother. “That was a fun surprise!”

Favorite Thing from Reading this Month: “Poppy has taken a sudden interest in Spanish recently, so I was grateful the Library had several resources to fuel her curiosity,” Virginia said. ”We read The Usborne First Thousand Words in Spanish as well as Pio Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes.”

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