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Amanda's Top 10 Best Books of 2020

December 24, 2020

Did we make it? Is 2020 over yet? For most of us this year has been a bit (or a lot) rough. Not everything’s been bad, though. I lucked into finding these really great books, so I wanted to share them with you (in no particular order) to prove we have had a few #silverlinings. For the books we’ve already talked about, I’ll link back to my original post.

American Royals (fiction, YA series) – Katherine McGee (2 books – includes Majesty, both out in 2020) Did you ever imagine what would have happened if George Washington would have become king instead of president? That’s exactly the situation Katherine McGee sets up in her new YA series. Yes, these books are technically for Young Adults, but I have to tell you I loved every minute of them. I did not realize when I started American Royals (#1) last winter that it was going to be a series, but thankfully McGee put out the Majesty (#2) in 2020 as well. More, please!

Rodham (fiction) – Curtis Sittenfeld What if Hillary never married Bill?

The Wedding Date (fiction, adult series) – Jasmine Guillory (audio) (5 books – includes The Proposal, The Wedding Party, Royal Holiday, and Party of Two) This series is single-handedly the reason I made it through the summer traffic in Nashville. When the world goes crazy (what? When it do that?), nothing helps take the mind off the insanity like a good audio book. These are great rom-coms. Party of Two just came out and there’s a little bit of a waitlist, so I haven’t gotten to read it yet, but I’m in line. If you’ve got a holiday road trip coming up, you can’t go wrong with these.

Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune (fiction) – Roselle Lim Magic, mystery, and Chinese food? Yes please.

No Judgments (fiction, adult series) – Meg Cabot (2 books – includes No Offense) Um, the first book in this series has a hurricane. Yes, I love Meg Cabot because she wrote The Princess Diaries, but a hurricane? Hello? Have you met me? This series takes place in Little Bridge located in the Florida Keys. I liked the first one better than the second (no weather event here, sadly), but it’s still a good series overall. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. (If I could request a snow storm? I think that would be appropriately apocalyptic for our tiny island town.)

Molly Ivins Can’t Say that Can She (nonfiction) – Molly Ivins Why do I always find the coolest people after they are dead?

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler (fiction) – Kelly Harms #momspringa

The Last Chinese Chef (fiction) – Nicole Mones I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this one, but I’m always game for a good food book. Maggie McElroy is called to China to settle her husband’s estate. While she’s there, she meets Sam, a traditional Chinese chef who is trying to decide what menu he will serve for his portion of the Chinese Culinary Olympics. This was such a great story; I really felt like I was there at the table as Sam served traditional Chinese delicacies. I just wish I could have tasted the food. Mones also wrote Lost in Translation, which I may have to go back and read, even though I have seen the movie.

The Splendid and The Vile (nonfiction) – Erik Larson This is the one nonfiction I was able to finish during our spring shutdown, and I think that only happened because I love Erik Larson so much. (He also wrote a book about a hurricane. I have a type, ok?) Set during the Blitz in London during the early years of World War II, this book really helped me put our situation in perspective. Yes, we were stuck in our homes due to the pandemic, but at least the Nazi’s weren’t dropping bombs on our heads. See, #silverlinings.

So there you have it, friends. Proof that 2020 wasn’t a complete dumpster fire. I wish you all the best in the new year.

May your holidays be safe and full of joy and may 2021 overflow with #silverlinings.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year-ing...

:) Amanda

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Amanda is a classically-trained pianist who loves to read. Like any good librarian, she also has two cats named after Italian cities. Amanda spends her free time sitting in Nashville traffic, baking, and running the Interlibrary Loan office at the Nashville Public Library.