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Summertime Ice Cream Fun!

July 19, 2021

Nothing says "summer" like an ice cream party. Whether you have an old fashioned hand-cranked machine, the latest kitchen ice cream machine, or you just buy ready-made from the store, ice cream turns a simple gathering into something special.

My earliest hand-cranked ice cream memory was a Sunday afternoon gathering at the country home of one of my aunts. All the grown-ups took a turn at the crank, and when it was deemed "finished" the machine was covered with a burlap bag and left to harden a little more in the shade of a big maple tree. When it came time to enjoy the ice cream, we all lined up with our bowls and spoons for that cold vanilla goodness. There were other ice cream parties with other friends and relatives as well. I loved every homemade ice cream, so I could never make up my mind if I liked strawberry, chocolate, peach, cherry, or vanilla the best. It was all good!

One late summer evening Mother and Daddy came home from a shopping trip with ice cream, syrups, bananas, whipped cream, sodas, and extra milk. Daddy announced that he was making milkshakes, banana splits, root beer floats, and sundaes; we had a decision to make! I had never seen Daddy do any kind of food preparation and was surprised to learn that he used to work at the soda fountain in an Islay's for a short time. He was a former soda jerk--lucky us! 

Most of us haven't worked in an ice cream store, but it is easy to put together special ice cream treats; if you need recipes, inspiration, and information, check out our catalog! My choices are listed below.

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Donna Reagan has served as Children's Specialist at the Bellevue Branch Library since 2002. She produces My Storytime Place, a local TV show for young children. The ALA's Every Child Ready to Read initiative forms the foundation of her early childhood programming.