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Entrepreneurial Leadership

June 2, 2023
Leading at the Speed of Growth

Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? I have the perfect book for you. Leading at the Speed of Growth by Katherine Catlin & Jana Matthews discusses the stages of growth and the leadership skills you will need to be successful.


When you are an entrepreneur, you must wear many different hats. Navigating these demands while working to successfully start and grow your own business can be overwhelming. This book informs you of what to expect each step of the way and how to prepare for the upcoming challenges. At the end of each chapter, there is a summary recapping the important points.

I found what Catlin and Matthews share about how to deal with rapid growth is the most useful advice within the book. In our digital age, it only takes one share on social media to blow your company up overnight. This section will provide the knowledge needed to deal with one of the most important moments in your company’s history, including the new roles you need to take on, or delegate. 


Leading at the Speed of Growth is a book written for all entrepreneurs, whether you’re writing your first business plan, or running a fortune 500 company. After reading Leading at the Speed of Growth, you will have the skills to take your company to the next level.


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Lavelle Miller Sr. is a U.S. Army Veteran, gamer, podcaster, and mixed-martial artist. He currently works in the Adult Services Division at the Main Library where he strives to inspire and motivate patrons as well as fellow co-workers.

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