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Bewitching Romance Reads

September 21, 2023

As September draws to a close, we are rapidly approaching one of my favorite times of the year– spooky season! In my celebration of all things Halloween and autumnal, I’ll be making my favorite fall treats, enjoying the cooler weather, watching scary movies, and visiting a local pumpkin patch. I’m also definitely making some room on my reading list to read some fun seasonal romance novels.

If you’d like to join me in ushering in the Halloween spirit by reading about the love lives of witches, werewolves, demons, and more, here are some NPL reads that I have my eye on…

The second book in the mega-popular Graves Glen series, The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling was one of my favorite reads of Spooky Season 2022. In this follow up to The Ex Hex, witch Gwyn Jones and warlock Wells Penhallow have opened competing witchcraft shops in their small town. As their professional rivalry continues to escalate, so does their inconvenient attraction. However, when Gwyn’s powers begin to fade mysteriously at the same time a new coven comes to town, Gwyn and Wells must team up to save her powers– and may discover real feelings in the process.

I’ve never read anything quite like this fantasy romcom, but I had a great time slipping into this world. Cheeky, fun, and totally unique, BookTok loves this roadtrip romance between spice trader Cinnamon and demon Fallon, who team up as they seek to kill an evil witch and restore justice to their lands. If the title piqued your interest, you might enjoy this wild ride of a book too!

A witch discovering her untapped powers, a haunted Victorian mansion, a handsome librarian, what more could you want in a witchy rom-com?

After living most of her life in isolation, orphaned witch Mika Moon is shocked to receive an unexpected request to train three young witches in a remote country manor, Nowhere House. Despite the protestations of the manor’s handsome, ill-tempered librarian, Mika agrees to teach these witches to control their powers and begins to find her place amidst the inhabitants of Nowhere House. Emily Henry gave this one a stamp of approval (high praise for me!), so if you’re in the mood for a warm, cozy romantic fantasy novel, this one might be a fit for you. 



Joy is a librarian at the Main Library. A native Nashvillian, she’s excited to be working for her hometown public library. When not at the library, she loves reading genre fiction, watching tennis, or searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.