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June is National Camping Month!

May 31, 2024

Personally, I have never been camping, a product of growing up in an indoorsy family and now making my way in the world as a fairly-indoorsy adult. Even though my preferred method of outdoor existence involves a screened porch, a cold drink, and a book in my hand, I can definitely understand the appeal of reconnecting with nature through camping. Thankfully, NPL has books for both the seasoned camper and the committed A/C aficionado. Whether you enjoy communing with the great outdoors or prefer to keep camping trips confined to the pages of your favorite novels, these NPL reads will help you celebrate National Camping Month in style.

Would it be a camping trip without some spooky stories around the fire? (I’ve never been, so I guess I wouldn’t technically know. But movies and TV always make it seem like people are telling scary stories, so scary stories it is). The Troop follows a scoutmaster and his troop as they take a weekend camping trip in the Canadian wilderness and encounter an unexpected inhuman visitor. This one scared Stephen King, so you know it has to be good!

If you’re on the hunt for a new local camping spot, Camping Tennessee just might be for you. This guide spotlights over 100 urban and rural public campgrounds throughout the state, reviewing their locations, available facilities, fees, reservations, recreational activities, and more.

Sometimes publishers will offer library staff advance copies of upcoming books so that we’re able to recommend them to our patrons. I was lucky enough to grab an early version of One Last Summer a few weeks ago and had the best time reading about an overworked advertising executive who attempts to save her failing childhood sleepaway camp with the help of her old (annoyingly handsome) camp nemesis. A fun summer romcom for your next beach trip, campsite visit, or relaxing afternoon on the couch!

Looking for fun activities to keep the whole family occupied during your next camping trip? This activity book offers activities, games, crafts, conversation starters, and songs to help campers of all ages have offline fun in the great outdoors.

In Back of Beyond, a rough-around-the-edges police detective finds out that his friend has been murdered in the remote woods. When evidence points to the involvement of a local outfitter leading camping trips into remote areas of Yellowstone National Park, the detective must race against the clock to catch the killer before they strike again.



Joy is a librarian at the Main Library. A native Nashvillian, she’s excited to be working for her hometown public library. When not at the library, she loves reading genre fiction, watching tennis, or searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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