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Carmilla, Part IV

Welcome back to All Things Eerie and Part IV of Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla.

Some of the traits of vampires are found in Carmilla and others come from some of the many other vampiric tales popularized in the 19th century--such as the ability to produce, in a moment, fog or mist through which one can disappear; the inability to cast a shadow or create a reflection in a mirror; the presence of fangs; the inability to cross running water; the causing of dogs and wolves to howl when in the proximity of a vampire, and, of course, the aversion to garlic and sunlight.

We return to the schloss this evening to find that Laura, our protagonist and narrator, is being visited by a doctor, who has been sent for by Laura’s father to investigate her strange and unusual physical symptoms.  Also, the family is visited by General Spielsdorf, a family friend, who brings with him a frightening tale of the death of his young ward and niece Bertha, whom he loved dearly. His story is strangely and remarkably like the story told by our narrator of her first encounter with Carmilla, but ah – where will this story end?

And now, turn down the lights, and joins us for Carmilla, by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, Part IV, Chapters 9 through 12….