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"The Magic Shop"

"The Magic Shop"

Tonight we revisit one of our old friends, H.G. Wells, who spins a tale about a man and his young son who find a magic shop in their foot travels about town, where each one gets an unforgettable experience at the hands of the shopman, who insists upon the reliability of the goods in his shop:

“You know, Sir, if you’ll excuse my saying it, there isn’t a wholesale shop, not for genuine magic goods, Sir.  I don’t know if you noticed our inscription—‘The Genuine Magic Shop.’” He drew a business card from his cheek and handed it to me.  “Genuine,” he said, with his finger on the word, and added, “There is absolutely no deception, Sir.”

You know, in our book here at All Things Eerie, genuine magic is almost as good as a genuine ghost!  Well, we’ll see what you think about it.

And now, turn down the lights, and join us for “The Magic Shop” by H.G. Wells....