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Branch Meeting Room Usage Guidelines

All Meetings are Public

All meetings in branch libraries must be open to the general public and news media for the entire duration of the room booking.

No private events are allowed. For private meetings and events, please see Main Library Meeting Room Policy and Private Events Policy.

    Room Setup, Break Down, Food, and Trash

    You are responsible for the room setup, break down, food trash removal, and cleaning:

    • Janitorial service from the library is not provided for public meeting room use. You are responsible for cleaning the room following your meeting and leaving the room in a neat and orderly condition.
    • All food waste must be removed from the building by meeting organizers, so please plan accordingly with any supplies you may need to bring along.
    • All chairs, tables, and furnishings in the meeting room must be moved back to original placement at the end of the reservation.
    • NPL staff are not available to help carry equipment to and from meeting rooms. No property belonging to the group may be stored at the library.

    You may have food at your event:

    • Please make sure only light refreshments are served: snacks like cookies, chips, soft drinks, etc.
    • The use of a catering service is not allowed.


    Reporting final meeting room attendance is required for all room reservations. Please report your final in-person attendance number to the front desk after your event so we can maintain accurate statistics of our public meeting room usage.


    Cancelations If the meeting or activity needs to be canceled, groups should contact the library eight (8) days in advance. Repeated no-shows or cancellations within three (3) months of booked dates may result in loss of meeting room privileges. 

    If you need to cancel, look for the cancelation link in your booking confirmation email. You can also call the library where the room is located.