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As a child, I categorized people by genres, eras, or media to remember them better. It helped me define how I felt about them and their impact on me. Without this, I would unfortunately forget them as soon as they were out of sight, and that still holds true today!

montana story 2021 starring owen teague and haley lu richardson
Two estranged siblings return home to their family's ranch. They find their father in a coma, and the home they once knew and loved unfamiliar and empty. They are left with a past of hurt and bitterness that must be confronted against a contemporary Western American backdrop.


Books to Screen 2023

As always, there are a multitude of adaptations in the works this year!  Here are a few of the most anticipated.

Pop Culture Nonfiction book covers

Here is my favorite type of book: the kind where you have to keep stopping to Google things.

Has the pandemic got you down? Are you overwhelmed by all the movies on Hoopla and can't decide what to watch? Have no fear, Movies @ Main host Bill is here with some excellent recommendations that you can watch without a wait.

Frank Cotton is a hedonist. Frank Cotton is done with the paltry pleasures of this world, and is determined to find pleasure from beyond the human realm. Frank Cotton regrets that decision.

In about a month, Silicon Valley will start its last season on HBO. Here's why you should get caught up before it ends.

Right now, in the Pacific Ocean, is a widening gyre of plastic garbage, and among the junk food wrappers are heaps of forsaken toys, broken, exploded by firecrackers, and forgotten by spoiled children across the world. Intrepid explorers through this archaeological landscape will be able to timestamp their findings to the early to mid-1980s when they stumble upon the impressive figure of He-Man.

Science fiction teaches us not to bother. Don’t investigate that derelict spaceship. Don’t try to figure out what “soylent green” is, because figuring stuff out only causes trouble. Sure, there are wonderful discoveries to be made, but sometimes it’s important for buried secrets to remain hidden, deep in the ground.

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming movie versions of The Woman in the Window, The Goldfinch, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette.  But are you ready for Lovecraft Country and Motherless Brooklyn?


With another new episode of Game of Thrones airing tonight, and the series' end coming in just a few weeks, here are a couple of titles to binge and fill the void.

As we leave behind 2018, check out Legends of Film host Bill Chamberlain's picks for best overlooked movies of the year.

The year’s not quite over, but here are my top 5 picks in fiction, nonfiction, and movies, in no particular order:

The holidays are here! Which means we all have plenty of time to binge watch our favorite TV shows.

Welcome to Shocktober! (Thunder crashes) Today for your horrific pleasure, I bring you – THE FEMALE BRAIN! (Bwa-ha-ha)

If you’ve already been to your local multiplex to experience avengers, wookies, and dinosaurs in action, get ready for something completely different: Movies @ Main’s Noir Summer

To get ready for the upcoming release of Deadpool 2: The Search for More Money*, we're looking back at the movie career of Deadpool himself, Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

A movie about a musical about one hit wonders with JC Chasez and Topher Grace? Yes please.

He wrote with Bob Dylan, played Dolly Parton’s husband, penned prize-winning off-Broadway plays and maintained a dignity to his work through the years that never betrayed his rough beginnings. When you consider a modern day Renaissance man, you could easily be referring to Sam Shepard. 


Looking for a challenge this summer? Work your way through 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up and 101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up!

Red alert!  There’s an incredible recent movie that you probably missed.

What happens if all your dreams come true when you're still teenager? Usually, you become Justin Bieber. Wil Wheaton avoided the path taken by most child actors, but his journey was still as bumpy as it was beautiful.

Yeah, cheesy title. We know. But, want to know more about the woman who set the standard for women's early roles in television? We've got you covered.

It's December, which means it's time for "best of" lists everywhere you look. Hurray!

It's been a rough week: we've lost some talented people. Longing to know more about Gwen Ifill, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, or Janet Reno? We offer these selections.

Bob Dylan joins the ranks of previous American laureates in literature--Faulkner, Hemingway, and Steinbeck--with the honor of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016, "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." On the occasion of this award, we offer a Dylan primer.

You already know Nashville Public Library holds enough books, audiobooks, movies, and music to last a lifetime. But, did you know there are plenty of options to access without ever stepping foot into one of our buildings?